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Sabah’s Most Competitive Sectors

Why Sabah

With its rich endowment of natural resources and strategic location within the Indo-Pacific, Sabah offers investors a range of opportunities for trade, investment, leisure and lifestyle across burgeoning markets. Sabah serves as the access point to neighbouring high-growth regions and offers ever-improving infrastructure for air and sea transportation.

Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, is the business centre for the state and is well regarded for its liveability.

Success Stories

SK Nexilis’ first overseas production will be based in Sabah, Malaysia, and is expected to start commercial operations by early 2024.

  • SK nexilis

How the SEDIA Investment Promotion Unit Helps Investors

As Sabah’s leading Investment Promotion Agency, the SEDIA Investment Promotion Unit provides support for investors seeking to locate in Sabah and, once located, for ongoing operations.

  • Information on doing business in Sabah
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships
  • Hands-on investor support
  • Insight into the region and business locations

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